Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I am on hold

I'm an attorney. One of the things we occasionally have to do is go to court for things called pre-trials. Both sides meet with a judge and there's a dsicussion about whether or not the case can be resolved. If it can, Yay, everyone goes home. If it can't, everyone picks a trial date and goes home and then the case gets tried. In this case, all three attorneys, (and any time there are more than two attorneys nothing is going to settle at the pre-trial. If it did the universe would implode), have agreed that we aren't going to settle and would like a trial date. The court won't let us do that. So instead we will drive two hours round trip, advise the judge we can't settle, then pick a trial date and drive back. Time marches on. I am bitter. Bitter, bitter, bitter.


Blogger Hippo said...

Oh NO! I really liked your blog until I got to the first sentence here.

I know its not fair and the law degree was hard work...and its not right because you are an individual.

I went to the Supreme Court in my state with my 11-year old son on a school field trip. One of the Justices clerks gave the presentation. I had all I could do not to gag...I guess she presented different cases based on our highest hopes but not reality.

My son was so happy afterwards, he said Dad the court is good. I said that ticket scenerio whereby you get a $100 ticket and fight it to the Supreme Court certainly was a great example of a Judge deciding that a cop was wrong and you did not have to pay the ticket.

I did also inform him that the cop never pays whether he feels like bringing you to court or not but you, my son, have just paid $5 to 10K in attorneys fees to overturn a $100 ticket. I said, this is the way the court works...the court system is for rich people to settle disputes....regular people should stay outta them.

Dr. H.O. Potamus

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