Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Can Too Compromise

There was a short article in today's paper, (in reality they're all short. My paper doesn't really "do" news and is more concerned with human interest crap, but they have a good comics section and I'm a weak person), about the state of South Carolina considering a law to expand the death penalty to people convicted of multiple child rapes. You get convicted twice of raping a kid under 11, you ride the lightning.

I am against the death penalty. Not becuase I'm squeamish or because I worry about society stooping to the same level as the murderer. I am more than willing to stoop to that level to get at someone who's harmed me or mine, and in fact I'm willing to go even lower than they will if that's what it takes. ButI am concerend about killing wrongfully convicted people. I can't see myself imposing the death penalty on someone who hasn't admitted fault. Even then, it takes forever and costs a fortune to actually kill them. Connecticut recently took about two decades to kill a guy, (Michael Ross), who admitted raping and killing 8 girls and asked to be put to death. I just think it's easier and cheaper to throw the bastards in a cell, feed them oatmeal and baloney sandwiches for every meal, and keep them away from the rest of us for the rest of their miserable little lives.

That said, go South Carolina! And I hope they don't get too hung up on finding a "humane" way to do the execution. In my book, drawing and quartering is seriously underutilized anyway.


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