Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Trust Me, You'll Be Glad You Did

Awhile back a firend of mine told me about Because I move with the speed and alacrity of a lazy tree sloth, it took me some time to actually check it out. Yesterday I programmed my own "radio station." This consisted of putting in my name and one band I like.

Yes, it was The Supersuckers, why do you ask?

After that, the folks at Pandora start streaming music through your computer, some from whatever band you picked, other music from other bands that their "music genome project", (whatever the fuck that is), say you'll like since you liekd the first band. You can add other bands at any time and expand your options, and you can also tell them not to play a song again if something like, god forbid, Clay Aiken slips in.

I should put Aiken in there just to see if the program calls me a pussy.

At any rate, it's been two days and I finally have a radio station with reliably great music, no repeats, good information on songs and bands I've never heard of, and most importantly, none of those goddamn morning teams with their stupid ass jokes. If only I could cram this thing in my car.

Lest you think I'm whoring myself out, I have no financial interest in these people. Although if they offered me money, I would totally take it. I'm not an idiot.

Now that my unpaid advertising is over, I wanted to mention that I read in yesterday's sports section about a hockey player who had died. Nothing dramatic, he was in his 80's and I can't even remember his name a day later. But what I do remember is that the highlight of his career was scoring his only hat trick, (that's three goals in one game for you heathens out there), in front of Queen Elizabeth, (presumably the II, although the paper didn't actually say that). And I wondered if perhaps Elizabeth was sitting in the front row, rooting for the other team with a beer in one hand and banging on the glass with the other hand while screaming "WATCH THE POINT!!! WATCH THE POINT!! THAT GUY'S BEEN KILLING US ALL NIGHT!! HIT HIM!! HIT HIM!....Ohhhhhh, FUCK!!


Blogger Big Pissy said...

I signed up for Pandora too!

Love. It.

...and I'm with ya on the car thing...we have terrible morning show people here in Hell....

9:52 AM  
Blogger Phollower said...

The Queen totally digs hockey. She skates pretty well too but her backwards crossovers suck so her career ended prematurely. That series of head injuries didn't help either.

Little known fact: She once got into a fight with some duke during a pick-up game and knocked 4 of his teeth out, thereby earning the nickname "Lizzy the Hizzy". The dukes teeth are therefore "off the hizzy". Honest.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Nonny said...

I'm not allowed to listen to anything like that at work. My boss prefers some commercial free public radio station. It actually isn't half bad. No commercials or morning assholes. They play an eclectic mix of oldies and new stuff.

I don't even like sports but I knew what a hat trick meant. Do I score brownie points?

Scary find of the day. Flipping through channels last night and stumbled upon Law and Order:CI. I swear to god Carlos Leon was guest starring. Carlos being the ex of Madonna (for all you heathens out there)and father to her daughter Lourdes. Combine that with the fact that K-Fed is scheduled to be on CSI and I think we can finally admit that tv had become a haven for famous pop star's boy toys.

All of that has nothing to do with anything, I just really needed to get it off my chest.

10:11 AM  
Blogger phsymom said...

*glances anxiously over shoulder* You know someone who sits by me at the games ... right?!? How else would you know what I say ...

LOL, the man's name was Floyd Curry. Yeah I know, I know I'm just a fount of useless info.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Lady K said...

I posted something about Pandora not too long ago. I love it, except they only let you skip a certain amount of songs per hour. It's frustrating, especially if Clay were to come through. I'm putting in the Supersuckers out of sheer curiosity. They just might go on my list...

12:20 PM  
Blogger jmeped said...

That would be a sight. Clay Aiken slipping in anywhere, and the Queen with a beer in her hand yelling hit him!

12:45 PM  
Blogger miss_lissa said...

pandora... like you I'm a lazy ass, i'll try to check it out soon- but on my fast computer. The one I'm on now is the fat retarded kid you keep around coz your mom says you should.

Love the idea of the Queen at the hockeygame. She'd be my kinda gal.

2:47 PM  
Blogger eclectic said...

I'm such a child... all these too-obvious comments involving Pandora's box swirling in my head.

Ah well, what do you expect from a hockey heathen? Sorry -- I just don't get it. I mean, they don't even use a ball, just sticks and a plastic ding-dong on ice. Yep, I'm a heathen and there's no evangelizing me, either. I'm lost.

3:08 PM  
Blogger Motor City Monk said...

I'm loving Pandora! Thanks dude.

I've even added my Pandora Station Player to my blog.

Rock on!

8:24 PM  

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