Monday, January 08, 2007

Isn't It A Little Early For This?

First, it's a little early for spring, but Saturday it was 72 degrees out and I actually launched the canoe I got for Xmas for an afternoon paddle. Freaking ridiculous. Sure, yeah, global warming's a myth. Absolutely. On the plus side, I'm about an hour from the ocean, but in ten years I should have some valuable oceanfront property.

But it's actually really a little early for the kids to turn on me. Saturday we had a belated birthday party for my daughter and her friends. She is 6, mind you. I'm driving her to her "princess" themed party and I ask, hopefully, "Are you sure you want Daddy there with all the princesses?", and I get this reply from the back seat:

"Yes" pause and then, (for best results say in a grim, low voice) "and don't embarrass me"

I can't wait til she's a teenager.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you can hardly blame her!
She's a princess...they don't take well humiliation you know.
Should be fun when she's 12 or so.

11:06 AM  
Blogger Maggie said...

Those princess-themed parties only get worse as they get older. We're in the Bratz phase and it's a Mo'fo to keep your mouth shut about those!

Good Luck!

11:38 AM  
Blogger CP said... are so screwed, Dude.

WHY didn't you tell me about the psycho taking a hiatus? or in her case, a High Anus?

You must see the message I left her. It's on my blog too, just in case God comes down and erases it off of hers.


1:25 PM  
Blogger limpy99 said...

I am screwed, blued and tattooed with that one. She's just like her mother. Determined to get her way and cute enough to pull it off.

CP, I thought you'd take the news well. Excellent use of the Emerald City, which could be where Herself as gone to pursue her own little vision quest.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

The day will come, Limpy, when you walk with your daughter through the mall and she will be fifteen feet in front of you and pretending that she is not with you and that you don’t exist.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Nonny said...

You embarrass her? Now why in the world would she have to say that?

5:14 PM  
Blogger JD's Rose said...

OMG! That is so cute!

You didn't embarrass the little princess, did you?!

5:23 PM  
Blogger limpy99 said...

Listen, there's no point in having kids if you can't embarrass them from time to time. I can't wait to start picking them up from school while wearing shorts and black knee socks.

12:42 PM  

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