Friday, April 18, 2008

How Do You Spell Hypocrisy? C-A-T-H-O...

In a news story yesterday, there was a front page story about a Connecticut firm winning the contracts to create the outfits Pope Benedict the XVI, (who bears a somewhat disturbing resemblance to Nosferatu), , and exactly what that entailed. While numbers weren't discussed, some of the details included the use of 1,500 yards of silk, 150 skilled workers for the clothing and metal work for the chalices and miters, (probably not this,
but who knows), and a time table of three months of all-out work to complete all the outfits and accessories before this month's Popepalooza Tour of the States.

In a completely unrelated story, the citizens of the officially Roman Catholic country of Haiti have been forced to resort to eating cookies made up largely of dirt due to mind-bending poverty and hunger.

I'm sure Benedict is a nice guy, and certainly knows how to wear a silk dress to full effect, but come on. I think you may have missed a few of the basic tenets of your religion. And until you folks figure out stuff like that, you'll be more likely to see my ass in Wal-Mart than back in church.

I swear this post isn't at all motivated by bitterness over the pope's use of Yankee Stadium is forcing the Yanks on an 18 day road trip. Well, maybe just a little.


Blogger Party Girl said...

That's the thing about religion, you can mix and match the Bible to meet your agenda and life goals.

...not yours, this is what the higher-ups and those with all the power do. It's good to be the king.

9:37 AM  
Blogger Syd said...

Good point, Limpy.

One more thing...that fucker can lecture us about immigration when the Vatican tears down it's wall.

10:37 AM  
Blogger tysgirl said...

Don't even get me started on why you won't find me in church.

I think hypocrisy might be too nice of a word when it comes to what people get away with all in the name of their god.

But then, according the sign in front of the church down the street I'm going to hell... so what the fuck do I know?

10:59 AM  
Blogger Zoe said...

It's only the Fransiscans who take the vow of poverty, geeze. And if that creepy Noferatu looking mother fucker wants to spend a gillion dollars prancing around in silk dresses, who am I to say no. He is the one who is infallible after all. Roman catholic church uber alles.

1:41 PM  
Blogger Tai said...

They're only starving 'cus they have to pay for the silk dresses. C'mon, it's called TITHING, it's done willingly.

2:33 PM  
Blogger Frank said...

Ok, Limpy. Time for some disclosure. What proportion of your income did you donate to charitable causes last year? Hm?

Chances are, not as large a proportion as a religious person (of any denomination) otherwise sharing your income, expenses and political proclivities. Even if we're only counting donations to non-religious causes.

See this Hoover Institution article analyzing the results of the Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey from 2000. There's even a link to download the raw data if you like.

Now, I'd be just as happy if the pope would pack up his silk and gold and go home, or to Haiti, and I certainly don't want to encourage you to be more even-handed or less acerbic in your blogging, but as the child of refugees whose lives were greatly improved by the ministrations of Catholic Relief Services, this gives me a nice chance to point out that the Church (and churches in general) still manages to do a hell of a lot of good stuff out there. Silk dresses or no.

But he does look like Nosferatu.

8:06 PM  
Blogger limpy99 said...

PG, or Queen, as the case may be. Seriously, what's with all the dresses?

Syd, and he can lecture me about chastity when his minions stop fucking altar boys. Although Benedict does seem more involved in stopping abuse than his predecessor.

Tysgirl, Hell's going to have the best blogs!

Zoe, That's because animals can't tithe. Get it? St. Francis? The Franciscans? Animals? See what I did there? You're right, I'm trying either too hard or not enough.

Tai, and here I thought it was because they've never really given up voodoo.

Frank, there are many institutions that do a great deal of good in the world. That includes the Catholic Church. There are many institutions that cling to medieval beliefs and traditions that do a great deal of harm. That includes, in my humble opinion, the Catholic Church as well. But for your family's sake, I'm glad they were around to get at least something right. As for my charitable deductions, not only do most religious types donate more to charity, most sentient beings probably beat me. I don't donate to charities, for a variety of reasons. Didn't want to duck the question.

8:20 PM  
Blogger Pat said...

...which reminds me, guess who owns the most real estate in New York City?

The Catholic Church

And that is just one major city.

Why are they not spending some of their accumulated fortunes to solve some of the world's ills?

Hell, they barely take care of the elderly nuns who have sacrificed their lives in the service of humanity only to be impoverished when they are too old to be productive.

But the priests are cared for...

4:58 AM  
Blogger Rat In A Cage said...

The least that rat bastard could have done is put in a word with his boss so the Yankees would get ball slapped by the fucking Orioles last night. Sweet cock sucking Jesus they looked bad!

9:35 AM  
Blogger Rat In A Cage said...

Wouldn't have gotten ball slapped.


I mean ... GOD DAMN IT!

I hate when I leave off the most important part of the contraction.

9:37 AM  
Blogger Frank said...

Limpy -- I absolutely agree that the Church has done, and is doing, a vast amount of harm. No debate there. How to fix it, that's the question. I think it's in large part from being misguided, ignorant (perhaps willfully so) and, as you say, midieval, not so much out of overt hypocrisy (see: Televangelists). And, as for your chartitable donations, I actually came back to amend my comment because I'm pretty sure your little league duties, at least, count as serious charity, one way or another.

Pat -- I'm intrigued. Do you have any numbers on retirement funding for women religious? I've only heard a little about priests' retirement, and the number I recall is that in our diocese they are retiring on something like $2000 per year (presumably plus housing). This was a couple years ago, and was only reported verbally, so I don't know how accurate it is. But unless nuns are simply being turned out on the street, I wouldn't think they'd be getting much less (though as I said, I don't have the numbers on this).

Women religious certainly get shabby treatment from the Church (both before and after retirement (see: Midieval)), but it's not because the priests are living all that well. The bishops and their entourages (see: Silk dresses), maybe, but not the parish priests.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Rhonda said...

I never considered blaming the Pope for the starving Haitians.
Good start Limpy.

5:26 PM  
Blogger limpy99 said...

Pat, given my history with the good nuns in grade school, I'm kind of tempted to say screw 'em, but that would be mean.

Rat, while it's pretty early in the season, and while I still think Hughes will be pretty good, this could be a long season.

Frank, I'm actually pretty sure Little League is more like a penance for some past life sin. And I do recall reading soemthing similar to what Pat says about elderly nuns being left in relatively poor financial shape. Can't recall exactly what it was unfortunately.

Rhonda, I'm not claiming that the Pope is responsible for starving Haitians. That's more the result of decades of ineffective government, over-population and deforestation. I just find the Catholic reliance on expensive scenery misplaced. Always have.

6:56 AM  
Blogger The Recovering Straight Girl said...

Oh Goody! Someone else to blame for the world's atrocities other than the GAYS!!! Thank God for the Pope! Thank God for the Catholic Church--finally--something to take the pressure off of us!

7:33 AM  
Blogger limpy99 said...

RSG, no actually, I forgot to add that. In addition to the over-population, deforestation and bad government, the gays are responsible for the starving Haitians. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

8:20 AM  
Blogger puerileuwaite said...

Normally I might agree with you, but they trapped me in this tiny booth, and forced me to confess to a bunch of things I may or may not have done.

Then they may have "micro-chipped" me with a little wafer, just to track my whereabouts.

So I'm laying low until I'm sure he's left the country.

9:49 PM  
Blogger Mat said...

We're all in the same boat folks. So shut-up and row.

9:11 AM  
Blogger limpy99 said...

Pug, from the content of your comment I can't tell whether you're in a Catholic Church confessional or on an episode of MTV's "The Real World"

Mat, but my shoulders hurt!

8:12 AM  

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