Friday, December 14, 2012

The first thing you should know is that

I've been drinking today, and will undoubtedly continue after I finish this.  So forgive any typos.  Some cowardly fucker took a bunch of guns into an elementary school this morning and killed 26 people in Conneciticut.  I do not have kids in that school nor do I know anyone directly involved.  The school is an hour or so from my house.  This hit me hard today, perhaps because when I left work to go to my office Christmas party the news was that one adult had been shot in the foot.  Before I got there it was 27 dead, 14 of whom were between 5-10 years old.  Currently the count is 26 dead, 18 of whom were children.

Let me say this.  It is long past time for the 2nd Amendment to be repealed as the anachronism it is.  if you disagree with that let me first suggest that you look up the meaning of the word "anachromism".  If you think that I'm belittling you in that suggestion let me not further suggest that you're right AND confirm it.  I AM BELITTLING YOU MOTHERFUCKER.  If you want to disagree with me feel free to confront me.   I'll be happy to address any concerns you have in any manner you'd like to address them in. 

In 2012 there is simply no room for the 2nd Amendment anymore.  The 2nd amendement was specifically written in order that a militia be maintained.  Small dick assholes in some butt-fuck town in a godforsaken flyover part of the US aside, there is no militia that's going to be overthrowing a US government dictatorship any time soon.  Even assuming you can own all the automatic weapons you can get your grubby little hands on you can't get F-16s, you can't get tanks, you can't get missiles, you can't get drones, YOU AREN'T GOING TO WIN YOUR IMAIGINARY WAR AGAINST OBAMA'S SOSHILUST KENAYN MOSSLIM DIKTATISHIOP no matter what you and your asshole friends with a 6th grade reading level do.  Fuck you.  Fuck you to death.

Kids are dead man.  Little kids.  For no reason at all.  If this isn't reason enough to get rid of our ridiculous gun laws I don't know what it will take.  And I shudder to think of what would.


Blogger B.E. Earl said...


I thought I knew you. Now I know you. And respect you. And, not in a gay way, love you.

This is what I feel. This is what I tomorrow I will post. I sofaking love you for this. And I'm still so sad.

9:51 PM  
Blogger Cedar said...

I felt your pain when you wrote this. There are times when the world just doesn't make any sense what-so-ever. And I am with you, something has to be done about the 2nd Amendment, because it was written when all people had were muskets. It's a whole new world.

7:53 PM  
Blogger eclectic said...

Hi Limpy. I popped over just to give you some shit and say hi, and then realized I missed this post.

Even now, 6 months later, the horror of it lingers. The political stalemate that has a stranglehold on governing in this country is preventing any meaningful change in the way guns are worshiped in this nation. Which, is perhaps the most horrifying part about the whole thing now.

5:31 PM  
Blogger mama biscuit said...

Hey Stranger. I met and had lunch with Phollower & his wife the other day. We've kept in touch through facebook & they were passing through Knoxville on vacation. Got to thinking about all the old blog peeps and wanted to say hi but couldn't find your email address. Hope life is treating you well these days!


6:23 AM  

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