Saturday, August 31, 2013

How To Tell You're Doing All Right As A Parent

Admittedly I haven't posted much here lately, as blogging, at least in this forum, seems like a dying industry.  Not that this was an industry that paid all that much to begin with.  But here at Casa da Limpy we've been doing all right.  My wife started out on a new career in real estate and makes no money most of the year, then gets gigantic checks for a couple of months.  Other than the whiplash effect it's pretty cool.  My son continues on his honor role trek through high school, made the freshman team in baseball, (like 9 kids tried out), and was promoted to JV by the end of the year, where he did a fantastic job coaching first base.  I don't think he actually played.  I did manage our town's Junior League All-Star's to a District title this year, and two wins in the State tournament, although in all honesty my "managing" consisted primarily of yelling "Hey you, steal second base", at various points in the game.  I'm not kidding, I really did that in the title game.  The kid still didn't steal.  I continue to practice law and haven't been disbarred.

But the thing I'm most proud of lately comes from my 8th grade daughter, and which I learned of tonight through a friend of hers who was in awe of her.  It seems that a couple of days ago her school had a casual day and the teachers wore T-shirts with the school name on them. My daughter asked why and was told about casual day, then the teacher asked her why she was wearing a Batman T-shirt.  Without hesitation my daughter rose up and proclaimed "Because I AM the night".  Classroom decorum ended right there.

If I do nothing else for my kids, I've done that much.

Hope all is well with the three of you still reading, even if Google says this in-limbo site got 20 hits one day this past month.  Try Buffalo Trace bourbon and Lagunitas Sucks beer.  You'll be glad you did.

Also here's a link to Miley Cyrus doing some solid work as a singer.  Here's hoping she gets over the "Fuck you Disney, I'm outta here" phase and gets more into this, because the kid can flat out fucking sing.


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