Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I Have A Blog

Why do I have a blog? Because one of my friends got me addicted to a hilarious thing about being stuck in rehab with Pat O'Brien. Then I read a few of the comments on that blog. Then I found some of them interesting. So I read some of their blogs. Soon I was reading a few of them with the voracity of a crack whore let loose in a Columbian powder factory. So then I started to think I should put my two cents in, since most of the other bloggers out there seem to like comments. But I didn't have a blog, and posting as anonymous seems like sort of a dick thing to do. So now I have a blog. I made it myself. At work. So now I can post and people can trace it back here and call me names or respond in whatever way they want. Will it be worth it? Will anyone respond? Will I lose interest and let this blog die a slow horrible death within two months? If I had to pick any of the preceding three, I'd go with the last.