Sunday, February 05, 2012

Giants 21-Patriots 17

Ton Brady's tears sustain me. Although he's going to go home and bang a supermodel and count his millions of dollars and I'm already home and may bang a woman that could be a supermodel and count my....fuck, Tom got me again.

Also he's a Hall of Fame quaterback and one of the best players I've ever seen. I just fucking hate the Patriots thanks to all of their "fans" who came out of the woodwork in about 2003. I could be off by a couple of years but I certainly wasn't going to watch the game without a healthy helping of microbrews.

Today's advertising, (cleverly designed to reach 3 people, (hello Earl, E, and Tysgirl)), is for Stone's Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale, Stone's Arrogant Bastard, (seeing a pattern here?), and their regular IPA, which I'm finishing now. You could do a lot, lot worse, than spend an evening downing 2, (or 6), of these and watching the Patriots lose the Super Bowl.

Just for the record I liked the Patriots while growing up into the stunning example of manhood you don't see before you now. I had a Steve Grogan shirt for some reason, although the Cowboys were always my team because I got a Lee Roy Jordan shirt first. Frankly I'm more of a baseball and hockey guy than pro football, since my football loyalty apparently depends on the order in which I receive various pieces of laundry, but at the present time the arrogance of the Boston sports fans just makes me nauseous, (that could be the effects of too much Stone as well; sweet, sweet nausea), and I can't really root for the Pats anymore. Plus the old uniforms were way better.

Anyway, congrats to the Giants and let's remember the important things in life: pitchers and cathcers report in less than two weeks.