Monday, August 29, 2011

Truth in Advertising

I just went on Connecticut Light & Power's web-site and read how they had many options to help me reduce my use of electricity. Which is true, as my use of household electricity has been cut by 100% for the foreseeable future thanks to Hurricane Irene. I'm pretty sure we'll see September before we see power again.

So far our losses are limited to several small trees, the power, and one fish. I suspect the other fish aren't long for this world unless the filter kicks in soon. Maybe if we occasionally stirred the water? I have no idea. I don't expect these figures to directly rise since the weather is now beautiful, but if we don't get some power soon there are going to be some indirect casualties as boredom sets in. Honestly I think people in the pre-Industrial times were so goddamn nasty to each other because there wasn't anything to do once it got dark.

The lesson, as always, is that cable-TV porn solves everything.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Holy Shit, This Thing's Still Up?

Hi! How have you been? I've just finished three Stone Pale Ales, which have a higher than usual alcohol content. Guess how long it's taken me to type this. I'll give you a hint: this is not the first draft.

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well. I've noticed that no one I used to hang with in blogging world is still at it, at least regularly. I assume that this is due to Facebook. I'm still not on it. I jusy use my wife's account, which is sort of creepy. But I'm lazy. Not lazy enough to date on eHarmony, but pretty damn lazy.

Seriously, I hate those commercials.

My kid hit a grand slam in the state All-Star tournament this year. Pretty much my highlight of the year. Then we got killed in the District championship game. Probably the coaches fault. Did I mention I coached?

Anyway, good to see you again.